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Congressman Hunter Puts America's Interests FIRST (27 diggs)
Oct 01, 2007 from aerostar(John Hancock)


Here is a Genuine Program to put AMERICA'S interests ahead of the other nations! Duncan Hunter pledges to: 1) Ease up on crime by erecting the full US/Mexican border fence, and 2) Tend the American economy by stopping China from manipulating American jobs and dollars. Not any NAFTA, NAU, "Synagogue Cities," or Dubai Ports stupidity from THIS candidate.

Energy saving tips for hunter ceiling fans (20 diggs)
Oct 19, 2009 from dtupica


Hunter limit fans, just like most modern ceiling fans not only add a stir of class to a room but can also help reduce the energy consumption for heating or cooling the accommodation as well.

Heating pads news and tips (42 diggs)
Aug 03, 2009 from pavel100(Pavel I.)


Heating pads are more standard than ever. from keeping warm outdoors to reducing pains, almost everybody uses them. Drop back pains and arthritis patients, hunters and athletes - the uses are measureless. Here some good tips from the helios heater team.