NEW! AMCOR 14000 BTU Portable Home...


  • NANOMIST Patended Evaporative Shot Technology
  • Refrigerant: R-22 and Compressor: Rotary
  • Cooling Gift: 14,000 BTU/h and...
    • During the cooling prepare, water is extracted from the air as it passes through the unit. This unit also features the patented AutoDrain NanoMist Technology that Vaporizes over-sufficiency fluid build up, eliminating the need to drain the unit. Most of this water is... read more

    Amcor ALTL12000EH 12000-BTU Portable...


  • 12,000-BTU cooling and heating; outside...
  • Effectual self-evaporating system; built-in...
  • Small air conditioner for rooms up to 400...
    • The Amcor ALTL 12000EH pocket-sized air conditioner is designed to fit most average-size rooms up to 400sq.ft. This model also functions as a 65 pint dehumidifier. Self Evaporating Technology - During the cooling system, water is extracted from the air into the unit. Most of... read more

    SPT TN-12E TechniTrend 12,000-BTU...


  • Pocket 12,000-BTU air conditioner for rooms...
  • Digital thermostat with unconnected control;...
  • 64- to 90-station F thermostat; 12-hour...
    • Thwart COOL and breathe fresher air with our 12,000btu unit. Ideally cools an extent up to 400sq.ft. Effectively improves air circulation in poorly ventilated spaces and maximizes forcefulness efficiency. Uses new UL required LCDI plug. Self Evaporating Technology during the... read more

    FAQ: Amcor Dehumidifiers


    A: Try the Exclusive Web site. It says you can call with questions about the site's products, which include Amcor dehumidifiers. If instructions aren't at one's fingertips through the site, maybe an operator can steer you in the right direction.

    FAQ My extent is always cold and I blame this on the two exterior walls. There is a mild mold problem which requires a dehumidifier. I've only only moved in to this room and I'm considering a AirConditioning, Heating, Dehumidifier unit. I.e. Amcor APC2000EH.

    A: your leeway sounds as if its suffering from condensation problem.
    air circulation for this problem is vital.
    your outwit option is an air con unit with heat option,
    that you can use to cool in the summer and heat in the winter

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