Danby Premiere DDR30E 30 Pint...


  • Low temperature quirk allows the system to...
  • Coupй Re-start feature
  • Forcefulness Star
    • Danby's 30 pint dehumidifier offers a wideness area up to 2,000 sq. ft. Not only is this dehumidifier Energy Star® rated, but it also uses environmentally genial R410A refrigerant. read more

    Danby Premiere DDR6009REE 60 pint...


  • Digital keypad with LED splash
  • Bid drain option for continuous operation
  • Electronic tiller with remote
    • Danby's 60 pint dehumidifier offers a leeway area up to 3,600 sq. ft. Not only is this dehumidifier Energy Star® rated, but it also uses environmentally agreeable R410A refrigerant. read more

    Danby Premiere DDR70A1GP 70 pint...


  • Electronic tiller, remote and digitial...
  • Non ozone depleting refrigerant
  • Low temperature transaction action and auto...
    • 70 pint Animation Star rated dehumidifier covers approvimately 3,800 sq.ft. read more

    FAQ: Danby Dehumidifiers

    FAQ I recently purchased my internal with a finished basement...After a heavy rain and an abundance of melting snow, a collection of standing water was formed in a backroom area...I have a company coming to fix this dilemma, however in the meantime, I have

    A: 30 pints is not fat enough. You need at least 40 pints, but 50 pints would be better. 50 pints is rated for up to 1000 sq. ft., and you have 880 sq. ft. Company Luck!

    FAQ My landlords bought me a dehumidifier for my apartment. It is older and worn (danby), it seems to run, but the debate I am having with my dad is whether or not it is safe to use. It has a three blade/prong plug. one of the top (matching) blades of

    A: It IS iffy. Having a loose electrical connection cause high resistance which equals drugged temperature and can lead to the plug melting or a fire. The plug can be replaced for around $5 and someone that knows how to wire it, which is a affable task.

    FAQ I have had a danby 3-in-1 carriable A/C for 3 years and it has been fine. This summer, all of a sudden the cooling can't go below 27 degrees but the dehumidifier is OK. The compressor is masterly from the sound of switching from fans to cooling. Does

    A: it does lack refrigerant and have someone do it ( it can be dangerous)

    FAQ I occupation for a small architectural company; my boss asked me to find a replacement unit for this:

    http://www.amazon.com/Danby-Profile-D ehumidifier-dehumidifier-humidifier/dp/B 000RLBI1M

    A Danby combination Humidifier/Dehumidifier/air

    A: You can try Ace Ironmongery or Home Depot for that.

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    Features a 40 pint (18.9 liter) sense per 24 hours
    Effective in areas up to 2,500 square feet depending on the state of affairs
    Removes excess moisture and can help maintain your indoor humidity at a desired be upfront with
    Features a front mounted water tank that is removable for easy emptying
    You?ll always skilled in when to empty the unit because it also includes a full bucket indicator light

    Danby DDR4010E 40...

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    The Danby DEHUMIDIFIER DDR7009REE dehumidifier has received very charitable online reviews. People who have already purchased and used the DDR7009REE have commented on the resilient functions and the quality of it. The ratings are very positive from the people. The Danby DEHUMIDIFIER DDR7009REE dehumidifier is a noteworthy air dehumidifier but there are a few things you should know before making your purchase...