Aprilaire RP-58 Humidifier Humidistat...


  • The be in control of senses indoor RH and...
  • The new Aprilaire # 58 self-acting...
  • Includes Domination, Outdoor Sensor, Manual...
    • The digital readout on the dominate displays the RH level inside the cold air return. It can also be used in manual look when it is not possible to run wire to outdoor sensor. read more

    Aprilaire # 80 Steam Canister for...


      Aprilaire # 80 Steam Canister for Pattern 800 HumidifierReplace the canister annually and when prompted by the "Service" light. Use Only Earnest Aprilaire Model 80 Canister.1. Press On/Off switch to turn humidifier off.2. Allocate humidifier to drain. When the green "drain"... read more

    Aprilaire Model 700 Automatic...


  • The Aprilaire 700 Self-acting Humidifier...
  • This part has a water feed rate of 6.0 GPH...
  • Also Includes: Aprilaire Standard 35 water...
    • The Aprilaire Original 700 Automatic Whole-house Powered Duct Mounted Humidifier features the, new for 2011, Likeness 60 Digital Humidistat Controller with a built-in blower activation relay. This newly expected model features a flow-thru fan powered technology allowing it be... read more

    FAQ: Aprilaire Humidifiers

    FAQ My Aprilaire 550 humidifier is not working, does not seem to be getting any bedew dilute, anything I can check before calling repair

    A: redress the aquastat, which should be mounted on your plenum somewhere.

    FAQ I'm intellectual of adding an Aprilaire humidifier in my home. I was wondering how it may effect my water bill. Any feedback will be much treasured.

    A: I have one mounted to my oven. I think the bill went up about $5. They just trickle water. No big deal, well good the savings in lotion!

    FAQ sea water runs thru the unit and out the bottom flow valve whenever the unit runs. Is this normal? It seems like a garbage of water.

    A: This stable. These units are not the most water efficient, but it is a trade off to get some humidity back in the home. The water requests to be running since the pad cannot hold water and pass air at the same time.

    top-grade panel evaporator, sorry typo
    but is this the reason for the water dripping?

    A: It may be more fitting that you have debris blocking the drain hole. The mineral scaling breaks off the pad and sometimes clogs the outlet. Double check the entire drain hose.

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    The Aprilaire 700 Series Humidifier Living Kit is for use with Aprilaire 700 Series humidifiers including the Aprilaire 700 Humidifier, Aprilaire 700A Humidifier, Aprilaire 700M Humidifier, Aprilaire 760 Humidifier, Aprilaire 760A Humidifier, Aprilaire 768 Humidifier, and other in agreement Aprilaire 700 humidifier models.

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