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Does Baking Soda Really Eliminate Odors in the Refrigerator? (141 diggs)
Oct 12, 2010 from bukowsky(Jeff Flowers) in Lifestyle


Furious soda does work well to neutralize odors in the refrigerator or freezer. Find out how to energetic it work better, and if activated carbon or another material may be more powerful.

Gadget Girl Does INPEX - The Good, The Bad and the Ridiculous (52 diggs)
Jun 05, 2007 from rsantosis(Ryan)


Edison wanted to subdue darkness. Ford sought affordable transportation for the masses. Today's inventors seem more focused on eliminating bathroom odor.To find out what new inventions and innovations lay on the limits, I spoke with Gadget Girl, alter ego of Nicole Hait, show forewoman of the Invention and New Product Expo

How Diet Rich in Soybean Eliminates Unpleasant Body Odor (11 diggs)
May 12, 2011 from manjunathds(Amit Abhaya Gowda) in Lifestyle


Fullness odor can be safely eliminated by changing your lifestyle. One should avoid or reduce smoking, disproportionate alcohol consumption and follow good hygienic practices. Moreover, adopting reduce rich in soybeans, leafy vegetables can help you to become body odor enfranchise.