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Gamer uses oscillating fan to collect 10^6 roses in We Love Katamari. (805 diggs)
Jul 27, 1756 from kcahon


This Livejournaller of interest an oscillating fan to his PS2's joystick in order to have repeat the same movements over and over again without intervention, enabling him to solicitation one million roses in the video game We Love Katamari Damacy.

DO DOONI CHAAR: Rishi Kapoor one of the finest comedians indeed (2 diggs)
Oct 09, 2010 from news4india247(VoteUpIndia) in Offbeat


It is now audibly apparent from where the timing of comedy that has made Ranbir Kapoor a heart throb of the country comes from, it is genes and Rishi Kapoor has underlined it with a consummate bringing off in DO DOONI CHAAR. It is more than twenty years that Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor acted together if one discounts her display in LOVE AAJ KAL.
DO DOONI CHAAR is a film that follows in the...

Dyson Fans -- Futuristic AirflowTechnology (2 diggs)
Oct 05, 2010 from AOLshopping(AOL Shopping) in Lifestyle


Filed under: To the quick AppliancesDyson Bladeless Fans are cleverly designed and beautifully built, but they aren't bladeless. Oh; you don't see the blades, but they're there -- in the build of the fan. The circulating air is drawn in through openings in the base and routed upward through, and out, the "coil," accelerating the airflow more than a dozen fold. The principle is somewhat nearly the same to people...