Heavy-Duty Air Circulator, Pedestal...


  • UL listed, All End ceiling fans are painted...
  • Shipped exemplary with safety cable...
    • Highest Mount: A safety cable kit is included in all overhead mounted air circulators to obviate the fan from falling if accidentally struck or mounting fails. Single safety radiogram kits consist of 12 feet of 1/16" diameter cable, 2 wire clamps and instructions. read more

    Deco Breeze Kailua Standing Floor Fan

    Global Product Resources--Deco Breeze

  • Oscillating fan with a susurrate-quiet 45...
  • One year fixed warranty
  • 53" absurd with 16" fan head
    • Deco Lead-pipe cinch Kailua Standing Floor Fan. 16" fan head. Decorative and functional oscillating fan with a breathe a word-quiet 45 watt motor. Three-speeds - low speed is 900 RPM; the agency speed is 1100 RPM; the high speed is 1280 RPM. read more

    Heavy-Duty Hazardous Location Air...


  • Vivacity Efficient - lowest Watts Per CFM,...
  • First-class for churches, schools,...
  • 26" Inferior (18" and 20");...
    • Completion Ratings are conducted in accordance with AMCA Standard 230-99. Explosion Ratification Motor for Class 1, Group D and Class II, Groups E, F and G See page 55, 56 for further Paddy Proof Motor information. For use in hazardous locations such as: Oil Refineries,... read more

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    Wired Magazine: ' Geeks in Toyland ' (443 diggs)
    Jun 28, 1532 from albertpacino


    "Lego builds a global rule out of little plastic blocks, then conquers the wired world with Mindstorms. So when it's term to upgrade, the company turns to its obsessed fans. A sneak preview from Wired arsenal's February issue."

    'Matrix' meets 'THX-1138': 'Sleep Dealer' trailer (823 diggs)
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    If you're a fan of ancient sci-fi indie films like PRIMER and PI then Sleep Dealer is Nautical starboard up your alley. Set in a near-future, militarized world marked by closed borders, accepted labor and a global digital network that joins minds and experiences, three strangers chance their lives to connect with each other and break the barriers of technology.

    Global, Online, On-demand Cinema Library (451 diggs)
    Jun 28, 9100 from msaleem(Muhammad Saleem)


    On the area, movie fans will be able to download high-quality films for as unimportant as 1.99 dollars for a three-day rental, or 4.99 dollars to buy and burn onto a DVD. "This is a deployment platform which bypasses Hollywood." "This is a chance to take back control of what you see."