20" Three-Speed Adjustable...


    20" Three-Advance Adjustable Oscillating Power Stand Fan, Metal/Plastic, White by HOLMES
    This fan features an aerodynamic five-bayonet oscillating fan. With the height-adjustable feature ranging from 45 3/4" to 56" and three step on the gas settings, you can almost always... read more

Honeywell - QuietSet 8-Speed Whole...


  • Eight levels of still control, from...
  • Stalwart, quiet, whole room cooling.
  • Compliant thermostat.
    • QuietSet 8-Aid Whole Room Tower Fan, Black. read more

    Holmes HPF1010A-NM Outdoor Misting Fan


  • Climate ailing resistant coating
  • Stalwart blade and motor combination provide...
  • Oscillation for far-reaching area coverage
    • The Holmes HPF1010A-NM Out of doors Misting Fan has a misting kit that provides a refreshing breeze when mother nature doesn’t. UL certified and protected to use outdoors. read more

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    Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock — Faithful or Flawed? (483 diggs)
    Nov 23, 2009 from diggleague(Alex B.)


    Fans of the Sherlock Holmes legacy may not take lovingly to the fistfights, dives into the Thames River, and chained-to-the-bedposts antics performed by ripped Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. in the new Sherlock Holmes. But Guy Ritchie, who directed the integument, says making the sleuth more of a stud is staying true to Sir Arthur Doyle's primordial stories

    Young Hollywood Stars And Their Fragrances (28 diggs)
    Sep 24, 2010 from phavatar(Perfume Hypermart) in Entertainment


    Ah, teenaged Hollywood. There is nothing and no one with more hope and promise than these young stars with, well, stars, in their eyes. There they stand on pedestals, placed there by fans who want to know everything about them - what they wear, what they eat, where do they do their nails and, of sure, what perfume they wear!

    Katie Holmes Launches Handbag Line (63 diggs)
    Mar 21, 2011 from digg5972 in Entertainment


    Are you a fan of Katie Holmes and Jeanne Yang's clothing pursuit, Holmes & Yang? I might be if I could even come close to affording it. Now they're adding a couple handbags to their filament and I have a feeling they'll be beautiful. But we already know they're outrageously expensive. Do you think Suri Coast will be carrying one around?