24" Aloha Commercial Cooler Fan


  • Sheltered steel cased motor
  • 10 ft. grounded SJT severe duty cord
  • and bearings entertain operation up to 130...
    • 24" Aloha Commercial Cooler Fan. BIG conditions for larger areas! Cool comfort in a big way! This Heavy-duty Commercial Flooring Fan means business... blowin' away stuffy, stagnant air with 3 non-corroding aluminum blades, 3-speeds and a sizable 24" diameter! More: Exuberant... read more

    48" Aloha Powerwind Air Curtain


  • Enhances sanitation by deterring flying insects
  • Undoubtedly installation and maintenance...
  • Reciprocally used for customer entrances,...
    • Thrifty energy = saving $$$. Aloha Powerwind Air Curtain mounts above doorways to keep hot / cold-hearted air from escaping in high - traffic areas! Home or business, the Aloha Powerwind Air Ended work all year to tame your energy bill by keeping heated and air-conditioned air... read more

    FAQ: Aloha Space Heaters


    A: It may have something to do with the name Aloha Cinch; in my mind a south Pacific breeze blowing into a beach in Hawaii would mephitis a bit fishy.

    No Serious now, as with most electric heaters dust and crap will build up on the heating


    A: that's not honestly they should be taking that back go back to the store and ask to talk to the manager if that doesn't work then call the corporate mediation.

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    Pig + Space Heater = $50,000 Worth of Damages (23 diggs)
    Jan 04, 2008 from blakovitch


    A man's try to keep his pig warm during Wednesday night's freeze ended up starting a fire that caused about $50,000 in damages to his St. Johns County relaxed.

    Meditation as a Space Heater (26 diggs)
    Nov 12, 2005 from aldatbagsnchina


    Tibetan monks can sit in a dwelling high in the mountains with out protection from the elements and brave temperature's 40 degrees or tone down, meditate, then produce heat. So much that the monks can actually dry frigged grade soaked blankets in about an hour. Absolutely amazing!

    No Need To Waste Money On A Space Heater (PIC) (138 diggs)
    Nov 17, 2010 from stevehnsn(Super Active Digger) in Offbeat


    Winter is fairly around the corner and we all need to keep warm. Here's a cheap and effective way to heat up your house.