Bionaire BFH5000-UM Electric...


  • Tense fireplace heater with realistic...
  • Programmable digital magnificence;...
  • Preparations 31-1/4 by 4 by 23-7/8 inches;...
    • Provides the ambiance and pique of a fireplace without the mess! No logs, no open fire, no propane, no fumes to deal with. Handsome and modern, fits in with your home and your lifestyle. Wall mountable or floor customary. Fan heat disperses quickly into the room. read more

    Bionaire Ceramic Tower Heater w/...


      This tough tower heater features an elongated heating element which heats up a abide quickly and efficiently. Featuring touchscreen technology, it allows you to control the heater with a patch up of a finger. This space saving tower design is sleek and stylish, adding a... read more

    HOLMES Micathermic Element 1500W...


      It's oily, lightweight and modern. The technologically advanced micathermic element circulates stimulation evenly in large areas. The low and high heat settings-750 watts and 1,500 watts-proposal a range of heating capability. Fast warm-up time means less dynamism is used... read more

    FAQ: Bionaire Space Heaters

    FAQ I have looked into cheer glow gas heaters and delonghi & bionaire electric heaters. My main concerns are safety, heat generating & fetch effeciancy.

    A: If you're in California, you will have to go tense. Unvented gas room heaters are no longer legal in California. If you do get electric one, be sure and get one with a "tip over" beat that automatically shuts it off if it gets knocked over.

    FAQ I have a slight room ( 11' x 9' ) with 10 ft ceilings that I want to heat to 105 degrees F. Sane now I have two 1500 watt Bionaire ceramic space heaters. They work OK. The problem is it takes about 2 hours to hot up the room to 90 degrees and I need it

    A: A at liberty electric heater. I have a 20,000 watt unit fan driven unit that will stimulation that room to 105 degrees with little problem. It takes a 100 amp 240 volt ambit to run it. A standard range circuit will handle a 10,000 watt heater and that

    FAQ It's a Bionaire. There are four digital settings. Hi and lo- which are undeniable. And then there are AL and AH. Does anyone know what they mean? Thanks!!

    A: Hi and low are fan speeds
    AL is vehicle mode low probably 1250 watts
    AH is auto mode hi probably 1500 watts re_Digital_Control_Ceramic_Heater/conten t_430768033412
    The link is for 2

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