Cadet #79241 1000W 120V Wall Heater


  • Cadet #79241 1000W 120V Brick up Heater
    • 1000W, 120V, 8.33A, Compendious Wall Heater, Fan Forced, On/Off Switch, Nichrome Coil Element, Manually Turned Off, Chimerical For Bathroom and Workspaces, UL Listed, Wall Can #79243. read more

    Cadet Manufacturing Co 240V Wall Fan...


  • Gill Weight 21" H x 16-3/4" W.
  • Built In Thermostat.
  • 4000W.
    • 240V, 4000W, Ivory Electric Forced Air Heater, Manual Reset For Overheat Protection, Command Coated, Built In Thermostat, Fan Runs Independently To Circulate Air In The Summer, Installs Question Between Standard 16' On Center Studs, Gill Size 21' H x 16-3/4' W, UL Listed,... read more

    Cadet #67508 1000W Wall Fan Heater


  • Cadet #67508 1000W Enrage fail Fan Heater
    • 120V, 1000W Ivory, Hard Wired Com Pak Fan Forced Electric Heater, With FullRange Built In Thermostat, Extravagant Gloss Enamel Paint, 12"H x 9"W, UL Listed. read more

    FAQ: Cadet Space Heaters

    FAQ My daughter's bedroom is in the glacial basement and I don't trust space heaters. The furnace doesn't drive enough hot air into the basement to keep it warm. I was reasonable of going the route of a cadet, forced air wall heater. My question: can

    A: some are 220 v some are 110 v

    unless you have more than one pale in the bedroom you will need to install a new circuit from the breaker.

    FAQ my progenitrix in law moved in with us about 2 1/2 weeks ago and she gets on my nerves.....we have her here cause my fiance wants to appoint sure that his only living parent is ok cause she don't make the greatest choices in life-force when shes

    A: Ask your self what you would do if it was your mummy.
    Perhaps she needs a room all to herself..if that can be managed. If not, what about an elderly housing development where your boyfriend can keep an eye on her.

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    Pagans, Wiccans and Druids: The Air Force Academy wants you (350 diggs)
    Feb 02, 2010 from amyvernon(AmyV/taking off a few days)


    Unusually. The Academy has tried to prove its openness to attendees of all faiths. The latest application? The establishment of a worship space specifically designed for use by cadets and staffers who drill Earth-centered beliefs, including Pagans, Wiccans and Druids.

    Kennedy Space Center Calls All Cosmic Cadets (59 diggs)
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    Orlando may be eminent for its theme parks, but the Kennedy Space Centre is way more than just a park! This fully-operational US administration site has been the launchpad for every US manned space flight since 1968, and is the base for NASA’s unsociable space shuttles – Endeavor, Discovery, Enterprise and Atlantis.

    Meditation as a Space Heater (26 diggs)
    Nov 12, 2005 from aldatbagsnchina


    Tibetan monks can sit in a stay high in the mountains with out protection from the elements and brave temperature's 40 degrees or cut, meditate, then produce heat. So much that the monks can actually dry frigged piss of superior soaked blankets in about an hour. Absolutely amazing!