Lasko 4924 High Velocity Floor Fan...

Lasko Fans

  • Principal-velocity blower floor fan in a...
  • Planning approximately 12 by 9 by 30 inches;...
  • Ultra-silent motor; top-mounted controls...
    • The time of one's life the power of a 20-inch high-velocity floor fan--but in a tall interruption-saving streamlined design--with this sleek-looking blower fan. The unit nicely good wishes almost any decor, and it comes equipped with an ultra-quiet motor, which makes it a... read more

    Vornado AQS 500 Air Quality System


  • Allergen reducing filters gin dust, pollen,...
  • Dynamism Star qualified
  • Whole-stay air purifier with Vortex technology
    • Vortex technology / Unostentatious to use control panel / Ultra Quiet read more

    Patton 14" High Velocity Floor...


  • 25% More Airflow Than Habitual 14¿ High...
  • 3 Influential Speed Settings
  • CVT Enclosed Velocity Technology
    • The Patton 14" CVT Fan is one of the toughest and sturdiest fans in the merchandise today. It is contructed of durable materials that can withstand the elements of the workshop. Additionaly, this part includes a CVT (Controlled Velocity Technology) blade and shroud... read more

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    Gone Wild and Gone All Wrong (1124 diggs)
    Dec 17, 2007 from vroom101


    "Joe Francis, 34, . . . made his riches enticing immature women at Spring Break locations (many of them drunk) to bare their breasts for the cameras for his stock videos. He has not been scoring brownie points by calling local officials in Florida--where Well Break 2003 in Panama City Beach went terribly go downhill for him--'Nazis' and 'cockroaches.'"

    10 Beach Photography Tips (912 diggs)
    May 30, 2007 from ndm007(Nathan Makan)


    Beaches offering digital camera owners with a number of wonderful opportunities as they are places of habitual beauty, color and interesting light. However they also present a variety of challenges including camera cost, privacy issues and making large open spaces fascinating.

    Big Brother is watching YOU on Florida's beaches! He talks to you too. (557 diggs)
    Nov 19, 2007 from mrmaster2


    Martin County is exploring the conception of installing "talking" cameras at several of the public beaches to ward off or snag people engaged in public sex. After being activated, the cameras issue a pre-recorded uttered warning to let people know they are under surveillance, Graham said. Sixty seconds later, they start recording.